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  Apartments that Accept Bad Credit
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Look, here is the deal....Apartments do NOT all qualify the same way. We know HOW they qualify.

  Not only do we know where all the apartments are, we also know who works in many of the apartments.
It has taken us years to cultivate the relationships with many apartment managers and leasing personnel.

While it is true that sometimes friend help friends, getting approved is more than just having a friend in an apartment office. Not only do we know many people who happen to work at the apartments, we know all the different management companies and their criteria, and we know how to use that for your advantage.

Different management companies qualify differently, and if you think that's all there is to it, just hang on.

Some management companies actually own the properties, some only manage them for the owners, and some own some and manage some. We may know that company XYZ (which owns most of the properties they manage) never works with a credit score of under 500. However, XYZ company recently started managing a new property, Shadow Mystic, and even though XYZ has strict qualification, the property owner insisted on loosening the criteria for that property. So if someone with horrible credit had applied Shadow Mystic and was approved, they may wrongly assume they would be approved at any XYZ property.

In short...WHEW! there are many different factors which determine the qualifying criteria, and they can change at any time. If the occupancy is low, they may loosen the criteria, if the occupancy is high, they may tighten the criteria. If the property is for sale, I have seen them loosen the criteria to fill it up so the books look good.

  Some apartments accept co-signors, some don't. Some apartments offer second chances, some don't.   


Our service is totally free for you, we are paid by the Apartments, they WANT US TO KNOW their criteria so we will bring them renters that qualify. There are no increased rents or fees to you in any way!

If you want help from someone who cares, who has the knowledge and experience to help, then please call or hit the "Search Here" button on the left.

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