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                               The short Answer is WHY NOT?

Yes, there ARE bad locators out there...some are pushy, some are rude, some are ignorant, some are lazy and get it.

                                              We are not all the same

            Who are we?

My name is Michael Reeh, (pronounced Michael Ray) I am a licensed Real Estate Broker & Manager of Apartments HERE! in Northwest Austin, we have experienced licensed agents in our office available to help you!

                                                     A little bit about me

I am a life long Austin Texas resident, born and raised in Austin Texas, When I married & had children we decided that schools were a MAJOR factor in where we would live, so we did our research and moved to Cedar Park (a suburb of Austin) so our children could attend Leander Independent school district.  We have 4 children, all boys..ages 15, 22, 24 & 26. I understand the importance of schools and I know the feeling of a parent wanting their child to live in a safe area.

    I have been a licensed real estate agent (now a broker) for almost 10 years.

Before I began Apartment locating I was employed by the United States Postal Service as a letter carrier (postman) for 25 years, I have seen more streets in Austin, I am familiar with more areas in Austin than probably 99% of the general population.

                   I value honesty, integrity and hard work

You may have seen many of the "rebate" website's, in my opinion they are anything but honest, PLEASE...READ THE FINE PRINT...if you can find it, they all have very strict stipulations and under the BEST CIRCUMSTANCE offer you only a SMALL FRACTION of what they advertise..and that is IF YOU EVER GET IT! really should be a crime! They steer you to properties that pay them well and properties that allow them to "send" you to a property without being escorted by an agent. YOU ARE VERY LIMITED and you do not see ALL THE AVAILABLE APARTMENTS or the BEST DEALS.

Some SAY they offer a FREE is their deal...they contract with moving companies to "feed them leads or business"  it may be for 1, 2 or 3 hours of a out for the EXTRAS!!  THE MINIMUM charge may skyrocket because it doesn't include MANY ORDINARY ITEMS! The "extra" list is incredible..and the 2 hour estimate could turn into 4 or 5. So you could get shafted on the move and miss out on a really great deal!

                             If you want the best help available...PLEASE,

       SAVE (512) 291-7368 in your cell phone now under Apt Locator
Call us BEFORE you start calling or visiting the apartments. We are totally FREE for you, the apartments pay us out of something like an advertising budget...but they want us to be the reason you visited or called their property.

Did you know that MANY APARTMENTS offer a "look and lease" special? If you happen to go on your own but are not ready to LEASE THAT WILL NOT RECIEVE THAT SPECIAL!  We can tell you BEFORE you visit that property so you DONT BLOW THE SPECIAL... if you are going to lease in a few days...SAVE THE "LOOK & LEASE" specials for the day you plan to make a decision, I can help you get a great deal, a great special and a great apartment, and I am 100% FREE FOR YOU!

Now that you know a little about me, please read below how we can help you!

               So how do we know all that we know?  Good Question!

We have spent years getting to know all the different apartments, the leasing agents, the different management companies, we know them, and they all know us!

They visit our office because they want us to bring them renters! They tell us how they qualify, they give us their latest UNADVERTISED SPECIALS.


Many people are surprised to find that Austin isn't a real easy place to rent, part of the reason is because Austin Apartments are so full. Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and all the suburbs are between 95-98% FULL!  As they get full, their rental acceptance criteria gets tougher.

                                                WHAT IS A BROKEN LEASE?

Owing a property for ANY REASON is seen by the apartments as a broken lease, EVEN if you have a good reason. If you lost your job and moved out because you couldn't afford it, you probably have a broken lease, even if you told them and left it spotless. I have heard the same story many times...I TOLD THE OFFICE ABOUT MY SITUATION AND THEY SAID THEY UNDERSTOOD, THEY SAID I COULD LEAVE. In six months its showing up on your credit report. ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.

Or maybe you stayed till the end of your lease contract and moved out, BUT DIDNT GIVE NOTICE,
                                            YOU HAVE A BROKEN LEASE!

Maybe you left something in your apartment and they charged you a crazy fee to remove it, and you said I WONT PAY!          YOU HAVE A BROKEN LEASE.

Maybe you co-signed for someone else who did any of the above, Yep, you know where this is going...                              YOU TOO HAVE A BROKEN LEASE.

Having Bad credit is a challenge (bankruptcy - chapter 7 or chapter 13)  that we can help you overcome! 

                      Here are a few of many reasons to use a Locator

1. Maybe you want a special - WE KNOW where they are!

2.  Maybe you want certain amenities, just ask us..WE KNOW!

3. Do you hard to lease breeds or large pets, or 3 pets?  WE KNOW!

4. Maybe you don't know Austin? WE KNOW AUSTIN!

5.  Are you Credit challenged? Bankruptcy or Foreclosure?  WE KNOW where to go!

6. Are you a first time renter? WE KNOW who will not charge you an extra deposit!

5. We will make it EASY and we are FREE to you, so WHY NOT?

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               Making a Difference Everyday!


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